Welcome Gold Crown Unlimited, LLC

At Gold Crown Unlimited, LLC we know real estate associates should receive the best service from their Broker, office staff, while earning great commissions in the process. As licensed professionals.make sure you have the tools available for your career to be a success. You can count on a supportive non-competing Broker and a helpful, well trained, experienced staff. We are ready willing and able to be there when you need us. When you close a deal and all of the commission is yours, it allows you to invest and control the growth of your business. You have the ability to set your earning goal. We are here to help you achieve that goal. Since 2006 we have proven our way of doing business works. We have the most successful, and happy Realtors® in the business. Since our opening in 2006 we have continued to grow and provide high-quality service for homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate professionals throughout South Florida. .

We offer the best commission split in the industry and I understand that the commission is not the most important factor when choosing a Real Estate Office, that’s why I have listed under each tab below everything you need to know.